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Certification against SQF

The SQF Program (Safe, Quality Food) is one of the world’s leading food safety and quality management systems, and is designed to meet the needs of retailers and suppliers worldwide. The Food Safety program provides independent certification that a product, process or service complies with international and domestic food safety regulations and enables a food supplier to give assurances that food has been produced, prepared and handled according to the highest possible standards.  SQF is based on HACCP principles.

SQF is endorsed and benchmarked by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) for primary production as well as manufacturing, food storage and distribution and agents.

The SQF standard is split into two separate standards:

SQF 1000 for primary producers and growers

SQF 2000 for the manufacturing, processing, transport and distribution

In addition to this, the SQF Ethical Sourcing module is also available.

Within the SQF program, organizations may be assessed against three levels.  In each of these levels, organizations must comply with buyer specifications and regulatory requirements which may apply to their industry, as well as those overseas if the product is destined for export. 

Level 1: Food Safety Fundamentals: Prerequisite Program
This level is appropriate for low risk products.

Level 2: Certified HACCP Food Safety Plans
This is the minimum level for suppliers of high risk products.

Level 3: Comprehensive Quality Management Systems Development
Level 1 and Level 2 certification are prerequisites to a Level 3 SQF certificate.

As a brief guide, the requirements for each level are indicated below.

Sample Requirements for SQF 1000:

• Level 1: process flow diagram; hazard analysis; HACCP audit tables; GAP with SQF 1000 Code; management policies; and an organisational chart.

• Level 2 – SQF 1000 Plan: food safety plan and a food safety requisite program.

• Level 3 – Raw Food Quality Manual & Records: premises plan; product specifications; materials specifications; operating procedures; spray records; staff training records; and calibration records.

Sample requirements for SQF 2000:

• Level 1 – Quality Manual: process flow diagram; hazard analysis; HACCP audit tables; GAP with SQF 2000 Code; management policies; and an organisational chart.

• Level 2 – SQF 2000 Plan: HACCP plan and a food safety prerequisite program

• Level 3 – Food Quality Manual & Records: premises plan; definitions; product specifications; raw materials specifications; operating procedures; staff training records; hygiene and sanitation records; and calibration records.

About SQF Ethical Sourcing:

The SQF Ethical Sourcing module was built by combining the SQF Social and Environmental programs and is a voluntary module for Certified Suppliers operating the SQF 1000 or SQF 2000 codes.  The module is be combined with SQF certification audits and adds an additional (1) audit day to a site audit.

A typical SQF Ethical Sourcing audit is broken up along the following lines:

  • 2 hours records 
  • 2 hours employee interviews 
  • 2 hours walk around facility 
  • 2 hours report writing 

It is a non-scored audit, although CAR’s will be issued in a 3 tiered system: Compliant, Compliant with OIP, Non-Compliant

NCSI Americas are pleased to be able to offer this certification.  For information about costs and dates available for your organization please Request a Quote, or for specific questions about the standard please Contact Us.